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More re: Lambda Lit versus The Breeders

Updated to add a link to this amazing post by former Lambda Award winner Lee Thomas: http://leethomas.livejournal.com/157333.html

I'm especially enamored of this bit:

"I think this is a terrible move on the part of the LLF. Narrowing the field does nothing to improve the award's credibility and it's something of a slap in the face to gay writers as it suggests we can't compete with the straight folks.

Particularly disturbing to me is this passage:

'We also took into consideration the despair of our own writers when a heterosexual writer, who has written a fine book about us, wins a Lambda Award, when one or more of our own LGBT writers may have as a Finalist a book that may be the only chance in a career at a Lambda Literary Award.'

Okay, I despair over not having my work taken seriously, so give me one of them Pulitzers or maybe a National Book Award. Whatever. I'm not picky. Being a gay writer should not entitle you to an award, any award, particularly when that award was once considered a literary honor, not a giftie for sexual orientation."

Teddy Pig says this:

And this: http://www.teddypig.com/2009/09/lambda-literary-foundation-we-cant-hack-a-level-playing-field-so/

And this! http://www.teddypig.com/2009/09/because-someone-asked/

Victor J. Banis says this: http://www.mlrpressauthors.com/2009/09/the-little-lost-lambdas-some-thoughts-by-victor-j-banis/

Erastes says this: http://erastes.livejournal.com/449814.html

Emmyjag says this: http://emmyjag.livejournal.com/146174.html

On the good news front, I received an email from noted reviewer Elisa Rolle about her plan to create the "Rainbow Awards" for excellence in LGBT fiction and non-fiction. (Link to informational post: http://elisa-rolle.livejournal.com/799266.html .)

I'm excited about the prospect of an award for LGBT fiction that's open to writers of all genders and sexual orientations. It will be fascinating to see whether a grassroots effort to acknowledge the story over its author gets any traction in the current climate. Given the groundswell of initial support, I'm hopeful.

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